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Magento 2

SM Cool Showcase Userguide



Delete store cache under var/cache and all cookies under var/session folder for your store domain.

OR you can perform these tasks in your Magento admin panel.

Backup Your Data

Backup your web directory for safety.

Download and Extract

Download and unzip extension files to one folder on your computer and navigate inside the extracted folder.

Upload Files

If you use a theme different from default theme - be sure to rename app/design/frontend/default/default and skin/frontend/default/default folders to your store's values. Then using your FTP client to upload content of app and skin directory to your store root folder.

Set Up

If you want to use this module on a page, for example, Homepage; go to CMS -> Page -> Edit Home page item ->Tab Content, add this code to a position you want:

{{block type="coolshowcase/list" name="coolshowcase.list" }}

If you want to show other instances in other positions, add following code to the end of file app\design\frontend\default\{theme name of your store}\layout\SmartAddons\coolshowcase.xml

<reference name="center"> 
<block type="coolshowcase/list" name="coolshowcase.list">

If you want to show instances in top of category view, add following code to the end of file app\design\frontend\default\{default OR folders to your store's values}\layout\SmartAddons\coolshowcase.xml

<reference name="content"> 
<block type="coolshowcase/list" name="coolshowcase.list">



In this layout, you can see which you can configure to suit your needs:

Products: Images, Title and Description

Navigation: Button and Direction

Now, Log in to Admin, go to System -> Configuration -> SM Cool Showcase (in the left of column). Here you will see SM Cool Showcase: Config tabs to change parameters to your idea.

The parameters are divided into the following groups:

  • General Settings
  • Module Settings
  • Source Settings
  • Product Settings
  • Effect Settings
  • Advanced Settings
  • Enable - Used for enable/disable HTML output for this module
  • Title - You can change title of the module here

  • Width Module - You can change width of module here.
  • Height Module - You can change height of module here, for Theme 3 and 4.
  • Select a template - We support 4 themes
  • Link target - Open link window for product
    • Pop up: Open the link in new window without navigation
    • Same window: Open the link in the same window
    • New window: Open the link in the new window

  • Select Category - Please to select which category you want to show
  • Product order by - Order products according to:
    • Position
    • Created Date
    • Name
    • Price
    • Random
  • Product order dir - Allow you arrange products follow order ascending or descending
  • Product limitation - The limited number of products which can be showed in each category
  • Product image
    • Border Image - You can choose to show border OR not
    • Image width - Allow you change width of product image
    • Image height - Allow you change height of product image
  • Product title
    • Display - You can choose to show title of product OR not
    • Linkable - You can choose to link to product title OR not
    • Max characters - The limited number of character for titles
  • Product description
    • Display - You can choose to show description of product OR not
    • Max length of Description - The limited number of characters for descriptions
    • Strip Html Tags - You can strip HTML tags for description of products
    • Keep on strip HTML tags - If you are using Strip html tags ='Yes'. Please enter tagname if you want keep it.
  • Others
    • Display Price - You can choose to show price of product OR not
    • Display Review - You can choose to show review of product OR not
  • Auto Play - Allow you to choose Auto Play of sliding OR not
  • Stop When Hover - Allow you to choose Stop of sliding when Hoverred OR not
  • Max Items Visible - Please insert here value less than value of (Limitation - 2)
  • Slideshow Speed - Speed of slideshow. Larger = Slower
  • Auto Play Interval - Auto Play Interval. Larger = Slower
  • Mouse Wheel - Allow you to choose sliding by mouse wheel OR not
  • Show Shadow - Allow you to choose shadow of products OR not
  • Show Direction Navigation - Allow you to show direction navigation OR not
  • Style Direction Navigation - You can choose which style applied: Full or Half
  • Show Direction Navigation When - Always show this or only when breing hovered
  • Button Navigation - Allow you to show button navigation OR not
  • Distance - Distance between 2 items. Example 0.3
  • Include jQuery - You can choose to use jQuery for module OR not
  • Pre-Text - This text is showed above an instance
  • Post-Text - This text is showed under an instance


Backup your web directory for safety.

After that, you can safely remove the extension files from your store.

Important Notes

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