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[] When acquiring Magento last year, eBay hopes to conquer e-commerce open source market with this big e-commerce platform. Of last April, on occasion of Imagine conference, this big giant e-commerce, through X-commerce sub-division, announced great news that many people concern. It is deep integration and widening support for HTML5 in Magento, both for free Community edition and paid version Enterprise.

The new features added in Magento with the help of HTML5 will bring more customer experiences that they never have had before with shopping online activities. Remember that although HTML5 has been developed for some years, however just recently, with more stability and fully compatibility for major browsers like Chrome and Firefox... it goes to the reality.
A top list benefits that the big giant has announced, including but not limited to, below:
[MEC] Updated feature reading images from folder - 2.0 out of 5 based on 1 vote
Today, we completed the feature: reading images from a folder and updated to all extensions of Magento. If you are a member of Magento Extension Club, you can download extensions
If you want to receive PSD file for the template, please email to We'll send PSD which you need within 24 hours. We only support to send PSD files to membership of Joomla Template Club (JTC) - Developer, please sure that you are a member of JTC-Dev.
This week, we are updating documents and userguide for Magento Extension Club and finish it on Thursday next week.
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