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What Faults May Occur Using Milling Machine
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TOPIC: What Faults May Occur Using Milling Machine

What Faults May Occur Using Milling Machine 1 month, 1 week ago #16565

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In the process of long-term use of CNC gantry milling machine, it is inevitable that there will be different degrees of major failures. The components of the machine tool gantry milling machine can be divided into CNC gantry milling machine body, CNC system and servo drive, and the faults are mostly caused by these places. Both CNC milling company and operators should pay attention to.

Software failure
It can be divided into system software failure and application software failure.
1. System software failure: it is caused by design reasons and shows the inherent nature of the fault.
2. Application software failure: it is caused by the intentional correct output, which has certain contingency and randomness. 3. Software failure is difficult to break out and the maintenance cost is relatively high, so repair should be from this point of view.

Hardware failure
It can be divided into permanent fault, intermittent fault and marginal fault.
1. Permanent fault: it is a special feature that can not be recovered, also known as soft fault.
2. Intermittent fault: with certain randomness, it can be transformed into soft fault.
3. Marginal fault: the components of old equipment or second-hand equipment are old, so the boundary value changes, which can gradually change into permanent fault.

Interference fault
It can be divided into external interference and internal obstruction
1. External interference: it is caused by improper treatment of device process, structure, circuit design, power supply and ground wire, or component performance change, showing very weak contingency and randomness.
2. Internal interference: it often shows different characteristics with the working site and the working environment, and it is also weak accidental and random.

Component failure
It can be divided into control part fault and drive motor fault
1. Control part of the fault: the important fault is caused by overload or improper cooling.
2. Drive motor failure: because the working environment of the equipment is relatively small, the hydraulic motor is difficult to be polluted by water, rusted, damaged or burned. This kind of fault is one of the common faults of Zui, which should be paid more attention to. The similar detection system is also one of the devices with low failure rate because it is hard to pollute and rust.
3. Mechanical wear failure: in the process of using CNC gantry milling machine, friction is caused due to relative movement. The moving surfaces are scraped and polished with each other, and the erosion of chemical substances leads to the wear of parts.
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