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Software failure
It can be divided into system software failure and application software failure.
1. System software failure: it is caused by design reasons and shows the inherent nature of the fault.
2. Application software failure: it is caused by the intentional correct output, which has certain contingency and randomness. 3. Software failure is difficult to break out and the maintenance cost is relatively high, so repair should be from this point of view.

Hardware failure
It can be divided into permanent fault, intermittent fault and marginal fault.
1. Permanent fault: it is a special feature that can not be recovered, also known as soft fault.
2. Intermittent fault: with certain randomness, it can be transformed into soft fault.
3. Marginal fault: the components of old equipment or second-hand equipment are old, so the boundary value changes, which can gradually change into permanent fault.

Interference fault
It can be divided into external interference and internal obstruction
1. External interference: it is caused by improper treatment of device process, structure, circuit design, power supply and ground wire, or component performance change, showing very weak contingency and randomness.
2. Internal interference: it often shows different characteristics with the working site and the working environment, and it is also weak accidental and random.

Component failure
It can be divided into control part fault and drive motor fault
1. Control part of the fault: the important fault is caused by overload or improper cooling.
2. Drive motor failure: because the working environment of the equipment is relatively small, the hydraulic motor is difficult to be polluted by water, rusted, damaged or burned. This kind of fault is one of the common faults of Zui, which should be paid more attention to. The similar detection system is also one of the devices with low failure rate because it is hard to pollute and rust.
3. Mechanical wear failure: in the process of using CNC gantry milling machine, friction is caused due to relative movement. The moving surfaces are scraped and polished with each other, and the erosion of chemical substances leads to the wear of parts.]]>
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Subject: 5 Ways to Organize an Ideal Homework Space - by: Kyle Charter
1. Find a quiet place

Studies have shown that distractions like music or paintings via paint brushes guts(.)pk/shop/category/art-supplies/brushes/ - even if students tell you otherwise - decrease their performance levels and hinder their efforts to focus and memorize.

It is important that the place where they do their homework is quiet and without distraction. So children will only focus on what they have to do.

2. It has to be comfortable
One of the easiest ways to sabotage an hour of study is to force the child to sit on a hard chair in front of a desk that is too high, in a room that is too cold or too hot.

To have concentration, you have to be comfortable. The furniture manufacturers have created fully functional, trendy and comfortable seats for children.
Plush window cushions and bag chairs can be a great alternative as they add fun to homework.

3. Have enough school supplies
Take advantage of back-to-school sales to stock up on school supplies for your home, so your child doesn't always have to carry all their equipment in their backpack.

Keep all the school materials in the same place at home, to quickly ensure that your child does not miss anything.

4. Organize the space
It doesn't take much effort to organize a workspace well.

School supplies can be easily grouped together in a school bag hanging on a coat hook, in a box or on a shelf.
It is possible to divide them thanks to an organizer.
Important detail: all that is used must be put back in its place once the homework is finished.

5. Post a schedule and a checklist
A simple cork bulletin board in the room can be very useful for your child.

Encourage him to write down his homework to-do in the evening in a notebook during the day, and transfer it to a big “to do” list when you get home.
Ask your children to write down how long each assignment takes them.

Not only will this let you know exactly what they are studying, you will be able to see if certain subjects are more difficult for them.

Homework shouldn't be a fight every night. Show your children how to maximize each minute spent studying by creating a comfortable dedicated space that lacks nothing.]]>
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