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MAGENTECH is a club specializing in providing template designs, Magento products. Along with the relentless efforts, we always try to catch up the new trend of technology to provide high-quality Magento products for customers. We have launched numerous powerful extensions to Magento platform and here are the TOP extensions:
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S M Search Box simplifies the way you search on site.This module helps users easily find information according to categories. It's built fully responsive with 2 search forms: Basic and Advanced Search. Users can search quickly with basic search and suggestions on popular keywords or find exactly what they are looking for with advanced search based on name, description, price, sku...The Administrator Backend is clear, intuitive and easy to understand, you can create your own custom search engine and put it any position you want. This is really a compact, utility module and indispensable for any eCommerce site.
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SM Responsive Listing Module for showing list of itemsSM Responsive Listing is a great solution to help your items present in categories as well as bring a fresh look for your site. It is designed fully responsive with exquisite design, clear layout and beautiful effects. This is a flexible module, you can use it for showing products, news, articles...and put it any position you want. It also has many features, parameters can be configured easily in the back-end.
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SM Responsive Listing is built for showing all your store items in categories with smooth effects navigation when loading more. Module suports showing multiple categories according to tabs, the viewer can optimize to sort items or change the viewing with 2 layouts (grid/list view)
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An innovative responsive slider module using a powerfull combination of CSS3 and JQuery: SM Parallax Slider - Responsive Magento ModuleThis module is a great solution to help your items are presented with the most striking way. It is designed full width slideshow, the same background for all slides along with beautiful parallax effect, you can put module on top of page or another position. All images, titles, descriptions and detail button are able to hide or show, if you want it. In addition, dozens of features and animation are included, parameters can be configured in the back-end, you can freely customize your own module as you wish. 
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We're glad to offer you another great sideshow solution to give you more choices: SM Slideshow III - Magento Module Come with a variety of styles and features integrated, this module helps to attract the highest viewer's attention, that you can display prominently your items on module position with spotlight on top. Moreover, a lot of parameters can be configured in back-end, you can customize your own module as you wish. Such as: change module width, set auto play mode, select effects, set product displayed and many options for your site to be more attractive.
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SM Slideshow II is the most eye-catching way to display featured products on your homepage. This module supports flexible showing content to enhance product visibility, allows you to create multiple slideshows with text snippets laying on top images. Moreover, SM Slideshow II is a user-friendly, highly customizable and easy to build your custom module as the way you want them.
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Are you looking for a simple module to show your items clearly, attractive as well as save site's space?We are proud to offer you a great module that it will make you satisfied: SM FontPage - Magento Module SM FrontPage is flexible module to display products on your homepage or your top of pages with 4 themes and has a lot of parameters can be configured in back-end to give you more control over the module.
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SM Scrollbar - Magento Module is a powerful module to display more items in categories with a scrollbar. This module is designed 6 different themes to fit vertical or horizontal type and many options to customize the module behavior and style. Using this module, you can not only increase our customer shopping experience but also save site's space as well as beautify your site. Your items will appear with nice image, effect, description, links, tooltip... Please try to use this module into your site, I'm sure that it will make you satisfied.
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Your store has too many products? that makes your site more cluttered and not really impress? SM Ajax Tabs - A professional magento module for showing product, your customers no longer scroll pages down and down to find all product information. By using Ajax technique allows to present numerous products in conveniently sorted tabs, your site will be arranged flexibly and you can take advantage all of the website's usability.
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