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Great Tips & Tricks to Optimize PrestaShop 1.7 Store Performance

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Written by  Sarah
Monday, 14 November 2016 18:05
Great Tips & Tricks to Optimize PrestaShop 1.7 Store Performance - 4.0 out of 5 based on 4 votes

The loading speed is one the most important factors for the success of your online store. By default, PrestaShop includes several performance-related settings that you can use to help improve your store's speed and responsiveness. Besides, there are many other ways to make your PrestaShop store lightning.

Optimize Prestashop Performance

Here are the guides to set-up performance and the essential tips, which you can take to speed up Prestashop 1.7 store.

1. Basic Performance Optimization Settings for PrestaShop 1.7

1.1 Smarty Tab

Optimize Prestashop Performance Smarty

Firstly, go to your PrestaShop back office >> ADVANCED PARAMETERS >> PERFORMANCE >> look SMARTY section

Configure Smarty settings as following:

  • Template Compilation: Never recompile template files
    Select this option will speed up your store, but you need to make sure that you are done editing files and completely satisfied with the current design.
  • Cache: Yes
    Enable the Cache to enhance performance and reduce delays once you're done customizing your front office theme.
  • Clear Cache: Clear cache every time something has been modified
    The cache of your website will be cleared once something changes. Clear cache will help your customer see the latest changes of your website.

1.2. CCC (Combine, Compress and Cache)

Optimize Prestashop Performance CCC

In the PERFORMANCE section >> look at CCC (Combine, Compress and Cache) section

CCC is a set of tools aimed at minimizing website loading time:

  • Smart cache for CSS: Combine compress and cache CSS type files.
  • Smart cache for JavaScript: Combine compress and cache JavaScript type files.

1.3. CDN (Content Delivery Network)

Optimize Prestashop Performance CDN

Setting up CDN is especially valuable for websites, it enables to reduce the distance between your server and your visitors. You can use services like MetaCDN or MaxCDN and fill in your media service information in Prestashop.

1.4. Caching System

Optimize Prestashop Performance - Caching

Scroll down to the Caching section >> Enable Use cache >> Choose Memcached via PHP::Memcache

Memcached helps you to handle many problems facing large data caches and is already used by Wikipedia, Twitter or Craigslist.

2. Removed unused modules

Optimize Prestashop Performance - Module

The default Prestashop 1.7 comes fully-equipped with more 500 essential features and modules. There are so many modules that you will not use on your store, you are recommended to disable and uninstall these modules to avoid loading them. And you should use Google Analytics for tracking your site traffic and conversions and disable shop stats.

3. Web Hosting

Normally, your site will be put on the same server as thousands of other sites. If there are many clients try to access this server at the same time, it may cause to slow speeds. Therefore, let's choose the right hosting from a reputable and trusted provider, who can meet all of Prestashop's hosting requirements. Some popular hosting providers recommended by Prestashop user are DigitalOcean, CloudWays, Inmotion, HostGator...

4. Images Optimization

Images are an important part of every eCommerce website, optimize your images is also optimize the loading speed. Several tips that you should follow when using images in your pages:

    • Setup quality for images in DESIGN >> Image Settings.

Optimize Prestashop Performance - Images

  • Don't use HTML to scale the large photos - it takes the browser time to scale the images and they will look worse than the original.
  • Always optimize your images. You can use Adobe Photoshop or Smush It to reduce the size of your images without lowering image quality.
  • Don't insert too many images to a single article. Try splitting it into pages in case you have many photos. 

5. Check Your Prestashop Website Speed

You can use some useful tools bellow to check your site speed:

  • Kraken.io: Review images on your site and suggest you which you can optimize the loading speed of the site.
  • Pingdom: It helps you to care about any related to server, network, or database
  • PageSpeed: It indicates whether the page is performing well or not. It also suggests you the remaining issue need to be fixed.
  • GT Metrix: GT Metrix offers you the most overview of what you need to do on the site and objectives you can expect.

Once you are finished optimizing, let's check your site speed. Hopefully, your site is much quicker now! Share with us if you have any other ways to optimize Prestashop 1.7 store performance.

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Thanks for reading this!

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