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SM MARKET UPDATE: New Framework for Magento 2 is Available in 8 Indexes

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Written by  Katy
Thursday, 29 April 2021 11:20

SM Market Magento 2 Theme has recently released new update with new framework which is available in up to 8 indexes.

Actually, new framework of Magento 2 has already had in previous updates but only in Index no.1. Perhaps, big expectation of customers on this version urged our team to update in the next indexes, especially from index 1 to index 8.

This change is not only the big milestone for future customers but also grateful for current customers who are serving. You can see all information about new framework for Magento 2 in blog New Framework - BIG UPDATE for Market Magento 2 Theme

Let's see back what new framework for Magento 2 has!

  • New framework was built, edited and updated with new features to solve all remaining issues in old framework.
  • All LESS files were re-arranged to make it easier for modification as well as more convenient for using RTL and Responsiveness
  • Code of theme was built by the core magento platform, minimizing over-riding core template to avoid unexpected issues when upgrading Magento version or installing the third-party extensions.
  • Fix all issues when customers install the third-party extension: non-displaying, issues of style due to the change of CLASS in old framework
  • Remove Compile Less feature (translate less in front-end), write less and translate less by Magento standard
  • Create CSS file by store including all configurations when saving configuration in admin (In old framework, this task is always carried out repeated in every pages that makes website's speed is slower partially)
  • All parts in homepages are synchronized. It means that users can move any parts of one homepages to anothers without affecting style (in old framework, this task is impossible)
  • Designs of desktop and mobile are changed for more beautiful
  • Use Icomoon instead Awesome Font (Can add or remove any icons including awesome font)

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