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Happy Easter Holiday 2017! Big Promotion Program for Magento and PrestaShop Themes

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Written by  Katy
Friday, 14 April 2017 17:21

Happy Easter Holiday 2017! Big Promotion Program for Magento and PrestaShop Themes - 4.0 out of 5 based on 2 votes

Easter, which celebrates Jesus Christ’s resurrection from the dead, is Christianity’s most important holiday. To welcome this special holiday of the year, we are organizing a Big Promotion of Magento and PrestaShop Themes for all our honored customers.

Easter Holiday 2017 - MagenTech

Let’s bring all of these wonderful theme to your store because we just do it once a year. Time for discount is just in one week from 14/4 to 21/4. Let’s read following information to take the theme you like!

Discounted Magento Themes

These are the Discounted Magento Themes that you need to see before making any decision: SM Market, SM Destino, SM MaxShop, SM Furnicom, SM ClickBoom, SM Love Fashion, SM Shoppy Store, SM Sawyer, SM Revo, SM HiMarket.

  • SM Furnicom
  • SM Shoppy Store
  • Sm Love Fashion
  • SM MaxShop
  • SM Sawyer
  • SM ClickBoom
  • SM HiMarket
  • SM Revo
  • SM Destino
  • SM Market

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Discounted PrestaShop Themes

Following are Discount for PrestaShop. Take a chance to own them! They are: SP Destino, SP Revo, SP HiMarket, SP ClickBoom, SP Market, SP Furnicom, SP Shoppy Store, SP Solo, SP Agood, SP Love Fashion.

  • SP Agood
  • SP Solo
  • SP Love Fashion
  • SP Market
  • Sp Furnicom
  • Sp Shoppy Store
  • Sp HiMarket
  • Sp Revo
  • Sp Destino
  • Sp ClickBoom

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MagenTech wish you have a cozy and happy time with your own family as well as thrive on business on this Easter Holiday 2017!

Thank you for always being with us!