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Celebrate the Vietnam Independence Day with Magentech

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Written by  Sarah
Friday, 30 August 2013 13:14
Celebrate the Vietnam Independence Day with Magentech - 2.0 out of 5 based on 1 vote

In order to celebrate the Vietnam’s National Day, we would like to celebrate it with you by giving up 30% OFF our product. That is a special gift, right.  This deal will be ended 3th September, 2013.

Magentech discount

A great bargain and you should not ignore: "20% for all Magento products and 30% for joining Clubs" 

This promotion applies to all single purchases as well as joining clubs.

Coupon code: MAGENTECH29

Valid Date: From now till 16 June 2013 (UTC + 7:00)

How to validate a coupon?

After adding products you want to buy to cart, don't forget to put coupon code to the "discount code" box at checkout page and coupon code will be valid.

Hurry up and get your Magento store enrich.

If you need a help, don't hesitate to send your question. We're always here and ready to answer for you.

Thanks for reading!


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    Additionally, very cheap stocks are known forr
    being section oof so-called pump-and-dump schemes, in which fraudsters get up shares annd then advertise it as the next hot investment on blogs, community forums, and e-mails.
    Their stake is sold by the scammers, leaving
    trusting buyers having huge loss, when the stlck
    price is artificially pumped-up by most of the talk.

    A stock that trades at a fairly low cost and market capitalization,
    typically outside of the major market exchanges.
    These types of shares are usually regarded as highly speculative and high-risk
    due to their insufficient liquidity, large bid-ask spreads, small-capitalization and minimal following
    and disclosure. They'll typically industry over-the-counter through
    the OTCBB and white sheets.

    In this article we will use the phrases "penny stocks" and "small-cap stocks" interchangeably.

    While cent stocks are looked at in terms of their cost theoretically, small-cap stocks are categorized as a result based
    on their market capitalization. Definitions vary, however in general
    a stock with a market capitalization between $50 and $300 million
    is really a tiny-cap. (Significantly less than $50-million is
    a nano-cap.) Based on the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) any stock under $5 is really a penny stock.
    Again, explanations may differ, many established the cut off level at $3, while others
    consider only those shares trading at less than $1 to become a pennystock.
    Eventually, we consider any stock that is trading about the Pink
    Sheets or OTCBB to be always a penny stock.

    The most important thing you've to know about centperminuscule stocks is the fact that they
    are much riskier than standard stocks. For instance, junk bonds (bonds with a rating lower
    than BBB) are thought a much higher chance than individuals of investment grade
    (bonds with a rating igher than BBB). On earth of stocks the
    equivalent comparisoon is dollar stocks vs. bluechip.

    penny stocks
    Thhe word itself is a misnomer because there is no
    generally accepted definition of a penny stock.
    While any stock trading is considered by othhers being a penny stock off the important marketplace exchanges, many consider it to
    be any stock that trades for nickels or individuals thnat
    deal for under $5. However, misunderstandings may appear as there are
    several very large companies, cesntered on market capitalization, that trade belw $5 per share,
    while there arre numerous very small companies that trade for $5 or maybe more.

    Biased Tips – Many micro-cap businesses spend the
    company stock to be recommkended by individuals in various media, i.e.
    updates, financial television and radio shows. You may get spam email ooking to convince you to gett particular share.
    All emails, posts andd recommendations of the variety must be taken using a grain
    of salt. As this is a give-away of the negative investment check out see when the companies of the tips are being paid for
    their companies and ensure thst anny pressreleases aren't offered incorrectly by individuals seeking to influence the
    price tag on a share.
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    Off-Shore Brokers– Under legislation S, the SEC allows organizations selling stock beyond your U.S.
    to foreign people to become exempt from intricate stock.
    These businesses can typically sell the stock in a discounted to overseas brokers who, in turn, sell them back to U.S.
    investors for a sizeable gain. By cold calling a summary of prospective investors (investors with enough cash to buy
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    In the place of trying to anage several repayments to credit cards, store cards, loans
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    Remember, you might have to pay for a settlement charge
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    Occasionally this reduxe payment per month is achieved by combining debt with
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    In the event you refinance existing debts the rate of interest on your new
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    You have to cover back when the fresh borrowing that you intend
    to negotiate your debt to includes a reduced interest you may decrease the overall amount.

    However if your new loan features a higher level of interest than
    your first debt or your reimbursements are over a lengthier term, you could possibly pay more interest overall.

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    Bear in mind that should you settle your loan early or refinance an existing loan, as much as 58 days interest will undoubtedly be included whenever we calculate the quantity needed.

    If your circumstances change and you desire to previously
    pay the loan back earlier then you're protected by the Consumer Credit Act lawws that govern simply how much interest the financial institution
    can charge you. The present rules state when
    you need to repay ykur loan first next yyou should write to the
    supplier and ask how much you must pay to clear
    the debt, or state how much you would like
    to pay down. Whenn thee letter have been answered by the credit provider or you believe you
    are being charged too much thuen you mayy send the problem for the financial ombudsman services.

    Normal debt consolidation loan: This involves you to get a loan from the bank, credit union or peer-to-peer lender, whch confirms to combine all your debts (usually credit card balances) in to a
    single new loan. The benefit to you is the fact that the interest-rate on the consolidation loan is usuially below what you
    were paying on small obligations.
    bill unsecured debt consolidation loan reviews
    Baalance transfer delivers: Technically, a credit card balance transfer
    is just a form of debt relief, because it entails
    going alll your credit carfd debt onto one new
    card. On a balance transfer offer, which could enable somewhat if
    you're certain of the power to payoff your balance throughout
    that moment often, you will notice an introductory 0% interest period of 12 to 18 months.
    You'll trigger interest fees that could generally be sharp,
    if yyou don't payoff the complete balance prior to the introductory period expires.

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    Cohntless Americans work for small companies, which for health-insurance reasons are generally those with 50 employees or less.
    An incredible number of other Americans get their healthinszurance coverage through huge companies.
    Typically, those are businesses with an increase of than fifty workers.
    The guidelines about how insurance might be released to big
    groups are different than those for smaller groups,
    and thhe way in which that premium costs are established is
    likewise different. The requirements for sole entrepreneurs purchasing
    medical insurance protection also change over a state-by-state basis.

    Most private sector health plans are covered by the Employee
    Retirement Inncome Security Act (ERISA). Among other activities, ERISA gives protections
    for participants and beneficiaries in employee benefit programs (gamer
    privileges), including giving usage of program information.
    Furthermore, plans are managed by thokse individuals who (and other fiduciaries) must meet specific standards of conduct beneath the fiduciary tasks given while iin the law.

    The federal HIPAA law mandates that noo matter what pre-existing health problems small employer group members migut have, no small employer
    or an individual worker can be turnhed down by an insurance firm
    for group coverage. This prerequisite iis famjous in the insuraance sector as "guaranteed-issue."
    Moreover, each insurance company shiuld replenish
    its small employer health program contracts annually, at the employer's attention, unless there is non-payment
    of premium, the employer has committed fraud or deliberate misrepresentation,
    or the employer hasn't complied with the conditions of the health insuance contract.

    san jose unified employee benefits lincoln ne
    Thee Department of Labor's Employee Benefits
    Security Administration (EBSA) is in charge of enforcing and applying these
    conditions of ERISA. Click on the agency to discover more regarding the agency's plan.
    Within finishing up its responsibilities, the organization delivers consumer info
    on health strategies as well as compliance assistance for employers, program providers, and
    others tto aidd them conform to ERISA.

    The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) does not handle benefits including life insurance, long-term care insurance, healthcare insurance balances or wellbeing benefits.
    These gains are usually a matter of agreement
    between an employer andd an employee (or perhaps the employee's agent).

    Yearly premium improvements for small employer group strategies are centered in part on the program
    members' claims history and oon the claims history of the organization's general small employer group pool.

    Small employer group approach revival prices have a component to account
    for total expected increases while in the cost of offering
    health-insurance coverage from the organization, such as changes in laws that'll affect operating expenses.
    These prices are regarded on the market as "craze." Many suggests cap repair rrate
    increases for small employer organizations at a particular portion,
    plus development.
    progressive insurance [http://taylorbenefitsinsurance.soup.io/]
    For queries regarding the tax provisions inside the Internal Revenue Code
    concerning health options, please contact the Internal Revenue Service.

    Lastly, the primary benefits of specific coverage can be acquired in large measure by fresh collection
    coverage measures that permit folks to select among many competing health programs.
    This method will be used by an increasing variety of big employers, as well as appearing coalitions of small employers.

    We genuinely believe that any planned reforms includes thoughtful consideration of the
    benefits offered by class coverage.

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